In the beginning . . .

Winter, 1948
In 1948 Earl Hardy and Alfred Iverson founded Rainbow Trout Farms north of Buhl, Idaho. The first trout eggs were hatched in a tent during one of the coldest winters on record. Production was labor intensive and all of the work was performed by hand. In the beginning, eggs were purchased from a local company, but within a short period of time the small hatchery

Grading Fish, 1950
spawned its own trout from a prize strain of rainbows. While the trout were growing in the ponds to market size, the first processing plant was built. A hatchery building soon followed. With acquisition of a site at Filer, Idaho, it was possible to construct additional raceways. Earl Hardy and Alfred Iverson are considered pioneers of the Idaho rainbow trout industry.

First Processing Plant, 1950
The 1948 Rainbow Trout Farm is the genesis of Idaho Trout Processors Company and its six state-of-the-art production facilities.

Idaho Trout Processors Company was incorporated on March 2, 1959.

Fish Runs
The aquaculture farms and two processing facilities are located in the Thousand Springs area where the aquifer generates clear, refreshing spring water, ideal conditions for raising rainbow trout. In 1964, when the first processing plant at Rainbow became inadequate to handle increased production, a new plant was built at Filer. The Filer plant could handle 1,500 to 3,000 pounds per day, and 3,000 pounds was considered a big day.

Modern Processing Plant
With the addition of machines specifically designed for rainbow trout and with recent renovations, the plant is currently capable of processing 30,000 pounds per day. In 1966, a second, larger plant at Clear Lakes Trout Farm North of Buhl was built. Both processing plants are automated and efficient with much of the earlier labor intensive work now performed by machines. Idaho Trout Processors Company markets its fresh and frozen Idaho farm raised rainbow trout across the nation and in Canada.

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