Sustainability Statement

Idaho Trout Company is dedicated to providing wholesome, high quality sustainably raised fresh and frozen farm raised Rainbow Trout.

Farmed rainbow trout is considered a "Best Choice" for sustainability by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (For more information on the Monterey Bay Aquarium and their sustainability ratings, please visit

Idaho Trout are raised in fresh pristine spring water of the Snake River Aquifer. No energy, other than gravity, moves this water through the hatcheries; water is never pumped or re-circulated. The trout are always raised in the fresh natural spring water.

Recycling is Company policy. This includes not only cardboard from processing plants but also wood and metal from farming operations. We purchase packaging and office supplies that contain recycled content where possible and appropriate.

Trout by-products from the processing plants are converted into fish oil and organic or natural fertilizer products. This recycle process eliminates nearly all waste. Likewise, unusable fish from the farms are also converted to oil and fertilizer. Composting is an expanding part of the production of the natural dry fertilizer products.

Conservation is essential not only for the environment, but also for the success of Idaho Trout Company. In 2010 Idaho Trout celebrated it's 63rd year of continuous operation as a family business.

We are proud to be good stewards of our environment and our natural resources. We work to leave our planet better for our grandchildren and their grandchildren than when we found it.

We know you will want to join us in setting the highest example for stewardship.